A Day with Parindey- Those who Fly without Fear

With the motto of “Feel, Follow, Fly”, Parindey is a high-spirited initiative that literally means birds that fly freely

I’ve had the privilege to meet the founder of Parindey, Sonal Dhanani in a training program where she had introduced herself as an art therapist an activist who works for mental health awareness and mindfulness. Read about her.

Sonal exclusively conducts of therapy sessions at different locations all across Karachi and her recent session was held at t2f (The second floor) Defence, Karachi. My friends and I were humbled to be invited to the session

Sonal works actively to make this world a better place with happy or people using art as as her strongest tools at hand.

As anyone would guess, the therapy must have involved art supplies, Lots of colours and brushes, paper and palettes..

It sure did. But the supplies weren’t meant for us to create a work of art. Rather, it was a transition of psychoactive emotions.

Colors were both the pathway and the light.

Colors with the beginning and the end. Colors were the tools and the Masterpiece.

Where emotions, took up the disguise as colors and scattered themselves on our canvases to talk back at us…

Alongside colors, what helped the participants achieve that emotional victory over negative States was the therapist herself, Sonal Dhanani. Her calm voice has a hue and therapeutic sense of its own. Every time she talks, it makes you forget about the outside world for a while.

The colors may fade out, the Canvas may get worn out. But her soothing Voice with words that penetrate will stay with you till the end of time.

You can reach her via the official Parindey Facebook page, and the website feelfollowfly.com

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