Aurat March 2019- Revolutionary or Revolting?

March 16, 2019

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O-KAY *Crackling my knuckles & sipping coffee* B’cuz girl this is gonna be a star-plus soap episode of a piece.

Was it satirical or just plain sad? Revolutionary or REVOLTING ?

Ahem.. Let’s see…

Sooooo, everyone’s been ranting and chanting about the recent and infamous “Auraat March”, an awareness campaign (or so it looked like), of, for and by women, addressing issues that our women face in day to day lives. Well, at least that is what I believe was the core objective.

Honestly, it looked more like a low-budget school picnic, where, instead of put-together, dignified women with legitimate issues, the “Little Darlings” and “Papa ki princesses” made special appearances with their diligently, made-to-look ludicrous, if not totally insane placards.

Now, the placards. I can’t even BEGIN mourning the sad demise of women empowerment, art and freedom of expression. Not to mention my heart died a little upon the brutal violation of rhetoric.

I don’t know if I was fiercely face-palming or slapping the pancreas out of myself upon seeing each one of them.

*I need to calm my ass down*

Now, if one of the placards about a widowed sock doesn’t make you rethink your existence as a woman, then another one that looks awfully like Rihanna in Shalwar Kameez definitely would.

Then the “Maa bhen Ik” one would kick you in the crotch so hard, you would want to turn into … something that doesnt have a crotch (thus highly unlikely to be kicked by anything/one ever…)

Then there was the one where the women being alluded to candy is being frowned at……

I literally got up at that point to take a good look at myself in the mirror. NO, no one EVER called me a Chupa Chups or a Jolly Rancher. BECAUSE I DON’T LOOK LIKE ONE.

Who even calls you that? And if that’s an experience you’ve personally had, then I’m with you. You should have thrown a dead crow in the lewd man’s face. A placard just didn’t do justice, Nope. Nope nope Nope.

Then come the subtly torturous ones. The one where heating the “2 min noodles” in the microwave has been exaggerated and made into look like a chore. And the one where male slang (otherwise offensive) is scandulously exhibited as a rhetorical figure that puts the entire women clan to shame.

All these hilarious and wanna be demands seemed to be coming from viscerally insecure women who just wanted to bring up their petty issues and gain some fleeting fan following on social media. Either that, or they confused rhetoric with satire.

Now, i”ll be honest. There were some great ones that saved face ( and i mean that lietrally. otherwise we would have to hide our faces from the misogynists for a long time) Like so

These seemed to be coming from women who really cared about making a legit point.

I, and many other women, are genuinely concerned at this point. This is in no way to offend all those girls who went out there to raise their voices about certain issues… but, BUT…

NUMBER ONE. Did they have to be so pointless and provocative? Was it necessary to SHAME men to GET MEN TO be more proactive and understanding? And to hurt their already fragile male ego?

Before aything, hatred is never fought with hatred. The same issues could be addressed with a little subtlety and good, friendly rhetoric.

The goal was to be treated well in a society. How is this a possibilty with this freak-show, which was gushing out so much hatred?

NUMBER TWO. How is raising awareness about heating food, lost socks or an avert sitting posture going to help women sustain their status and pride, or regain their lost priviliges? if this is the way we, as women, have ultimately chosen to fight back, then we are already looking at a lost battle. If we want to be respected and acknowledged so bad, then BRING FORTH THE RIGHT ISSUES.

Issues like:

  • Dowry
  • workplace discrimination
  • workplace harrassment
  • marital rape
  • freedom of expression (anger, sadness or sarcasm, because we are human and can’t conceal anything anymore ‘cuz we are Elsa bitch!)
  • depreviation of education
  • maternity leave
  • family planning
  • pre and post partum health
  • colorism and many many more

And since you were provided a platform to bring some serious problems to lights, then it should have been used well.

Otherwise, I hate to say it, but no man and no nation will ever take women seriously. And that is exactly what has happened. We have become the source of utter mockery and disdain among men, as if our men and this patriarchal society were any less regressive.

I know, girls be like rollin their eyes and asking me to F***ing chill. I also know that this was all done in good fun and we all had some giggles. But…

A moment of silence while our already tiny mindsets retrograde into primitivism..

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