Aurat March 2020- Revolutionary or Revolting?

My Word on Aurat March 2020

I purged my heart the last time Aurat March happened. Like most (empowered) women, I wasn’t very happy OR amused… You can read the whole thing here.

Honestly, it looked more like a low-budget school picnic, where, instead of put-together, dignified women with legitimate issues, the “Little Darlings” and “Papa ki princesses” made special appearances with their diligently, made-to-look ludicrous, if not totally insane placards.

Now, the placards. I can’t even BEGIN mourning the sad demise of women empowerment, art and freedom of expression. Not to mention my heart died a little upon the brutal violation of rhetoric.

AND I STILL stand by my statement. SUE me!

However, by the looks of it, our girls have had some serious breakthroughs since that charade. Maybe we girls collectively had a dose of not giving a F**k about petty things and grew up for real.

Our women have woken up into some serious sense power and sensibility and made it their mission of every waking moment to finally speak up about issues that matter.

The placards have visibly shifted from being trivial to downright mature, and crucial enough to catch media’s attention.

As we speak of attention, our men couldn’t stand the partial applause and acclaim women are receiving. So, the ‘intrinsically insecure and jealous’ men

INTRINSICALLY INSECURE AND JEALOUS men came to the rescue of their meaningless misogyny and their fragile, pathetic male ego.

From posting nasty comments on social media, to photo shopping the pictures into lewd depictions of their own filthy minds, to scandalously judging everyone who’s even remotely supportive of this.

Some random man has problems with the issues raised via placards, some complain about the clothing. Some have issues with the media giving all this attention to women (finally playing a good part in the scene), and some have a problem with women coming out and being a part of the movement.

Some have a sour face because of the initiative and the rest of the men have issues with the mere existence of women.

Well, we’re very sorry if the media isn’t chanting PSL slogans as much as you’d like, but we’re NOT sorry for refusing to give in to your unreasonable demands and not give up our rights to satisfy all your meaningless male egos.

My heart-felt to the dear Pakistani women out there would be…

‘Just know, you are wonderful, admired and unstoppable. You all know best what to do with your life, so go out there and play your part in changing the world, one awesome woman at a time. Rest assured, you’re empowered. You’ve always been and you always will be. In the spirit of empowerment, lets understand one thing, if there’s any talk about ‘empowerment’, talk about ‘MEN Empowerment’. Because they’re the ones that need it the most.
They’re the ones that lack ambition, motivation and purpose in life so they deprive women of their goals too.

I guess we have long ways to go…

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