Author: Arifa Sidhpurwala

old times, were we okay? then vs now

Are we Okay? Rethinking old times…

A part of me wants to go back into old times, stay in that moment and ponder over what we had, what we’ve lived through and what we’ve lost.

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Misconceptions about coaching

There’s been a lot of fog in the air about the coaching profession.. People have all kinds of objections while hiring a coach. . .

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What do life coaches even DO?

Life coaching is another word for laying down an obtainable blueprint of YOUR life with a legitimate perspective onto a canvas- clear, crisp and transparent. FOR YOU. BY YOU. WHO IS A LIFE COACH? Upon telling someone I’m a coach, they always ask what coaches do. Ever wondered what coaches do? And how coaching can […]

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Aurat March 2020- Revolutionary or Revolting?

I purged my heart the last time Aurat March happened. Our women have since, woken up into some serious sense power and sensibility and made it their mission of every waking moment to finally speak up about issues that matter.

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who says you cant you do daniel chidiac

Book Review: Who says You Can’t? You Do – Daniel Chidiac

They say “a real jewel would aways be valuable to its keeper.” This book is no less than a jewel in my small but, tasteful collection of books. I finally finished the book!!! I’d been at it for about 6 months and I’m glad I’m through cover to cover. The author is an Australian who […]

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Trying something new

💖New is always better- Said Barney Stinson. 👔 It may not apply to Scotch 🥃 or picturesque buildings 🕍, it sure applies aptly to real life.  .  .  ✨When you try something new,  .  .  📚You educate yourself…  .  .  🌈You broaden your horizons…  .  .  💪You let go of self doubt… 🙄 .  .  💪You face […]

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Positive Self- talk for self discovery

Raise your hand if you talk to yourself standing in front of your bathroom mirror… If you do, you would know that it helps a great deal in getting back the confidence on a nervous interview day or urges you to make yourself decent when you’re sick in bed for two days. You’re convinced that […]

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Reflecting upon 2019

I’m a little late with posting this but this seemed as good a time as any because it’s the end of the first week of January 2020 and throwing some light at 2019 seemed fair. I’ve been vocal that 2019 wasn’t the best year of my life. Yet Ive decided to look at the best […]

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