Misconceptions about coaching

There’s been a lot of fog in the air about the coaching profession.. People have all kinds of objections while hiring a coach. . .

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What do life coaches even DO?

Life coaching is another word for laying down an obtainable blueprint of YOUR life with a legitimate perspective onto a canvas- clear, crisp and transparent. FOR YOU. BY YOU. WHO IS A LIFE COACH? Upon telling someone I’m a coach, they always ask what coaches do. Ever wondered what coaches do? And how coaching can […]

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Reflecting upon 2019

I’m a little late with posting this but this seemed as good a time as any because it’s the end of the first week of January 2020 and throwing some light at 2019 seemed fair. I’ve been vocal that 2019 wasn’t the best year of my life. Yet Ive decided to look at the best […]

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Who am I?

It’s important to think about Who am I? As a person… As a child… As a sibling.. As a parent… As family As a contributing member of the society As part of the world.. It’s important for you to reflect upon the question and find the answer to it. Because if and when you do, […]

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NLP: Anticipating ‘The Desired’

Your ‘warm up’ for the six day journey of transformation that lies ahead of you

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Arranged marriages problems Asian brides India Pakistan

The Arranged Marriage Debacle

Sh*t only Asian girls would understand. This will change the way you respond to rishta-walas.

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The Bastard of Istanbul

The Bastard of Istanbul- A paper-back, word ride to Istanbul

The Bastard of Istanbul by Turkish best-selling author Elif Shafak. Finest book written about Turkey. Read the review to find out why.

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long distance relationships

Does Distance Matter?

It so happens that we end up asking ourselves, One of the greatest questions of life. Does Distance Matter? The answer lies within you. What is it? Read.

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Flying high

negative thoughts, outer persona, pointless rules, or your inner passion. what’s going to win?

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lasting relationships long distance love

Fading Relationships…

When relationships fade away, there is very little we do about it. But there is something that CAN be done.

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5 life lessons 2020 taught me

Top 6 life lessons from 2020

2020 was by far the biggest PLOT TWIST we have yet seen. Most times in life you will only grow when you have no other choices. You will only make change when it’s the only way out. And that was 2020 ladies and gentlemen. But know that we know, we must do BETTER. If you’ve been following […]

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This dress right here, is very dear to me. Not to mention too pretty and expensive to throw out. Six months ago, I tried on this dress, but with great difficulty. It wouldn’t fit and it was smothering me instead of looking flattering. It PAINED me to have grown out of this GORGEOUS dress, so […]

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love friendship true friend

Is Your BFF your True Friend?

No one wants an energy drainer for a friend, right? We might as well make room for better people in our lives. How about we recheck our friends and see if they’re really a true friend….

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Why Live?

Let’s let someone choke us, just a little bit, ⁣Let’s let someone abuse us, ⁣in the name of control, authority, or power⁣⁣Let’s let someone curse us, and not let us utter, Let’s let someone mock us over cast, creed or color⁣⁣Then in the end, if all fails, ⁣Let’s let them kill us. ⁣⁣Let’s let them […]

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Who knew

This time the festivals are different
Be it Easter , Savitri Puja or Eid.
Who knew..

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Are we Okay? Rethinking old times…

A part of me wants to go back into old times, stay in that moment and ponder over what we had, what we’ve lived through and what we’ve lost.

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