Does Distance Matter?

long distance relationships

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The one thing that becomes a hindrance is Distance.

Things get pretty crazy after high school. There is a high chance that we would move out of town for studies or work. While that relocation opens up doors for opportunities, we end up leaving a lot of things behind. It can be anything; your room, an old photo album, your guitar. Or bigger things like family and friends.

The bitter sweet array of emotions can be a little over whelming. But, like all others, we soon accept that everything comes at a cost.

This is something we don’t realize till we’re all set to start a new life in the next 12- 24 hours.

As you are drifting apart, you ask yourself this one question..

Does Distance Matter?

I would be suspicious if someone said they didn’t.

With a new life, a new beginning, we don’t know what lies ahead waiting for us. So, we subconsciously want to ensure that the people we love are by our side.

Even while moving away, we still want our family to know we love them, we still want to tell our friends they mean a great deal to us. We want to tell them we would always be there.

And we secretly hope they are thinking the same for us, or at least, aren’t thinking any less of us, while we are gone.

Because we all know, the one thing that becomes a hindrance is distance…

An even bigger question is,

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How much are we going to let distance effect our relationships?

Because you can read books, listen to stories and meet new people all you want, the truth is, that it would only matter whether or not you let it effect you. The action is ultimately ours to take.

If i choose to break ties with people from the past, and if I am searching for that affection and warmth in new faces, then it is only I who has got anything to lose.

Life is busy and distance does come in the way of friendships and relationships, but it is only a matter of some skillful time-management and prioritizing. You do not have to be on someone’s beck and call to prove your loyalty. Sometimes, just a short phone call, a simple greeting, a text message is enough to let them know you care and you are just an arm-length away if they ever needed you.

So, why don’t you give a call or write to that long lost BFF of yours? They just might need to know they still have a place in your heart, who knows..

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