Flying high

So, I went on a road trip with family today. We left early so I decided to take my morning coffee in a mug so I could drink it as I go. As we drove farther away from the city, we realized the roads were under construction. I was peacefully Sipping at my coffee as I enjoyed the view. Suddenly, our car hit a road bump and my coffee spilled a little. As much as I groaned, we discovered that bump wasn’t going to be the only one for the next 20 mins. My dad told me to hold the coffee mug high so it wouldn’t spill again.

How’s that going to work? I wondered. But to my surprise, it did. Not a single drop.

That brought me to a very strong realization. Our lives are very much like that mug of coffee.

The mug was pushed down to my lap, my hands wrapped around it, forcefully keeping it in place. But no matter how hard I tried, I could only force the MUG. I could not keep the coffee from spilling.

As soon as I lifted the mug a little higher, the spilling came to a hault; it was as though the coffee was thankful for the rise it had gotten, paired with freedom. It was as if the coffee spoke back to me, saying:

Finally I am comfortable in my container, I can stay put and not go anywhere. I would be myself and put my benefits to good use by being a part of your bloodstream, rather than spilling everywhere and getting mixed with dirt and filth and becoming useless. I am FREE.

Our lives are no different.

The mug of coffee is our outer personality; how the world perceives us, the upbringing and studies that shape us into a person, good or bad. The several disguises that we pull up to pretend to be someone we are not.

The hands holding the mug are the societal or (as I’d like to call them) suicidal rules in disguise. Good or bad, we are bound to follow them. Overtime, those rules have become a nuisance and destroyed many lives in the process. We get entangled in them voluntarily and let them turn us into different people. Societal Rules weigh us down. We end up doing pointless things that we were not even born to do.

The energy exerted into holding the mug in place is the negativity. We are surrounded, or rather strangled by negative energy, negative glares, negative people, negative thoughts, negative ideas. Negativity, paired with groundless rules, restrain us from moving forward and taking risks. Just like I did to the mug. I wouldn’t let it rise.

Finally, the ‘Coffee’ is our inner passion. Our God sent talent. Our inner voice, talking back to us. Telling us what we are meant to be, what we are born to do. The talent gets over-shadowed by over-whelming obstacles hence, either ends up getting wasted or gets used up in the wrong places, for the wrong reasons.

And when the mug gets lifted, is when the commotion ends.

Once we get past all those hindrances, and we rise above all odds, we go beyond the set limits. Once we stop taking the path shown to us, stop following rules that don’t make sense, stop believing in the future that other foresee on our behalf and stop impressing people that don’t matter, We break free. We shine with all we have got. WE FLY HIGH. So high that no negative energy is able to reach us that far. You know why? Because all negative and extra things in life are heavy; that’s probably why we call them “baggage”.

Think about it; Obesity, extra-luggage, toxic relationships, grudges…

Now when you shine bright, suddenly you’d be surrounded by the right people, the right energy, doing the right work for the right reasons. And what happened to all that you left down below? Well, look down again. There is cheering, there is applause and acclaim. Because with hard-work, passion and determination, you changed bad into good. You changed hearts.

Congrats! You’ve made a difference.

Well, I paint quite a picture don’t I? Why don’t you bring it to life? Work hard, show’em what you’ve got! And if you already have, Kudos! Please share, I’d love to know, and tell others about it.

The world needs your story…

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