Happy 2019

I am aware that I am quite past new year, but I am really not that big on them; I don’t post selfies when the clock’s ticking or care too much about partying or feeling obligated to go out just because everyone else is doing it.

People are all over the place during holiday season, buying all kinds of stuff for Christmas and new year. For most people, it’s mostly about holiday, vacationing and partying.

But, aren’t we forgetting the real essence of new year? Don’t you think it’s so much more than what we have made of it?

As the calender advances year after year, so do we. Rather, so SHOULD we. We grow up, in terms of size, mind, finance and self worth..

But, how are we REALLY advancing?


Holiday novelties are an all time high. We buy all that we lay our hands on, and then make a silent vow to ourselves that this won’t happen next year, only to find ourselves get sucked up into sales and blowouts the following year just as much.

While we’re busy hoarding up, nobody even remembers what or who we are doing this for in the first place.


Valued at thousands, but presented only with a dime of love.

We all buy gifts for children, or for loved ones. But how many of us actually buy out of love? Who thinks a certain gift would make someone happy?

Buying gifts aren’t an act of fun or love anymore. It’s more of an obligation.


We all live a battle of Facebook against “face to face”, and sadly, Facebook and its allies win each time.


The ones who post the most selfies on social media, are the happiest. Right? They have the most friends and the likes and following they get makes them stronger and more influential than you, right?


Spending time with friends and family

There hasn’t and will not be a substitute for ‘face to face’ time with your loved ones. Physical presence is irreplaceable as it is meaningful.

Surprise visits

Even if you’ve been living off screen chatting and text messaging your family, a surprise visit to them will be worth every damn penny. After all, there is no holiday without family.


Alongside giving food, clothing and money to charity, how about giving away some of your time??

Making someone happy

It doesn’t take much really, buying someone a flower or an ice cream cone, paying for a subway ticket, passing a compliment.. It might make someone’s day

Wishing well for peers

Did that classmate get a raise? Or a promotion? Did they start somewhere new? Why don’t you tell them how you want them to hit it big? Because that’s just how big your heart is.

Teach children to do the same

Kids ask questions all the time. Why don’t you give them a little teaching for a change before they ask for it?

Provide shelter for animals

While we get cosy in our heated places and warm blankets, there are animals out there that are starving and cold. Let’s keep a little check on them, won’t we?

I am sure there are some whose hearts are just as warm as the food on their table, who don’t forget the less fortunate or the left out. Those are the people who make this world a better place, because of whom you want to believe good will happen to you, and because of whom you want to believe God exists.

In all goodness, I wish everyone a very happy new year.

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