Heart Touching Moments of My Life – 01

24th March 2019

This happened back in March 2011. And since it’s March, I suddenly remembered this little story.

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We were on vacation and our group had 20 people 3 of which were old ladies, about60 year old, traveling alone.

On the 2nd or the 3rd day of the trip, one of the ladies suddenly had a severe eye infection. Her right eye was swollen and filled with pus. She could barely see or move. It was painful enough to watch her, struggling with things, let alone feeling it.

She went and asked the hotel staff to provide her with any medicine that would subside the swelling and heal her. But they apologized to her saying that they are all out. Later, she came to my father asking for help.

Now, I was amidst a root canal treatment on one of my molars. The dentist had to do the Chamber opening and fill it with temporary compound so that I could travel pain-free.

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The old woman was sent to me by my father. I like to thank God at this point to have saved my face. Because I had travelled with a lot of medicine and first aid utilities.

She explained to me about her discomfort, to which I suggested her an antibiotic, with a heavy ass dosage of 625 mg.

Now I am not a doctor but Her husband supposedly was one, so she what is familiar with the pills.

The best part she thanked me as she left and said: “May God multiply this deed by A Thousand and bless you with something greater.”

8 years have passed but I still remember her words like it was yesterday. its heart aching how one small gesture can touch someone’s heart enough to have gained you one of the best wishes of your life time.

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