Is Your BFF your True Friend?

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B. F. F. easier said than done, don’t you think?

We live in a world where there are less traces of reality around us. So the dynamic of friendship has changed overtime as well.I hope we all are blessed with some wonderful friends in life. But there are a few friends, who CLAIM to be friends, but they’re MOST CERTAINLY NOT.

They don’t prioritize, talk, or behave like one.

Sometimes we end up getting seriously offended or betrayed by such people. But then, we wonder how we even allowed them into our lives. We’re unable to see through the façade of the sugar coated liar that calls themselves a friend. So what are the signs of a BFF that is not your true friend after all?

Their Sweet Talk doesn’t match their actions

They’d be very gooey, mushy gushy and you’d feel like they’re a giant teddy bear, but their actions do not align with what they say or claim to do as a friend. They would never own the friendship like a true friend, for starters. They would not be very great at listening or helping you. They would cut you off of plans- these are a few of the classic examples of the misalignment of their Say: Do ratio. 

They don’t apologize if you’re offended by something they did

If your friend has done something that got you offended, and that person FAILS to see it and that it happened due to something they did hence not being slightly apologetic about their action, then that person is most certainly NOT your true friend. A true friend is someone who figures out unsaid things.

They’re not supportive of your business/venture

It’s ideal that your friends are there to pop the champagne with you, set up your workplace or buy from you, but the VERY LEAST a friend can do is, be SUPPORTIVE of your business. If they don’t care about following your page, insta feed or blog, subscribing your channel or sharing you on their timeline, then they might as well just leave you alone and go.They ask for free favors. Again TRUE FRIEND, Cheap shot.

They are giving unsolicited, toxic or hateful advice

You turn to friends for a second or third opinion expecting them to talk some sense into you if you’re confused. But if they are giving you advice that has the potential of ruining your life, jut out of pleasure or ignorance, then your “true friend” is either sadist or a snake

They don’t respect your time

Are they canceling out last minute? Are they standing you up on a lunch that was planned weeks ago? Are they just leaving a text when you’re ready and just about to leave, saying they can’t make it? Then SIS, they ain’t your friend. STOP spending time with them

They disregard the things you do for them. Big AND small

“You’re such a baby”, “Stop being dramatic” “So what you lent me the money? I didn’t BEG you!”Ever heard these things and more? Yeah that is what a fake friend sounds like. They’d be out partying with people that they rant about with you, but wouldn’t take the time to see you.

They take you for granted

Bless your soul if you’re a great friend. But there are people who feel entitled to have deserved your friendship. They would think it’s your JOB to be there for them. They would be totally AWOL when you need them but be on your nerves if they need you.

They spill your secrets everywhere

A good friend can definitely keep a secret. But if your friend spills your private secrets among others and then gets away by saying it was “just a slip of tongue”, they ain’t for you, SIS

They lend zero support yet shame for not having done things

I have said this a jillion times, and will say this again, NO ONE ACHIEVES THINGS ALONE. PERIOD. We all need that solid support system- that push, to get where we want to go.

No one wants an energy drainer for a friend, right? We might as well make room for better people in our lives. How about we recheck our friends and see if they’re really a true friend….

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