Laugh in the face of Life

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We all have either read a book, been to a seminar, watched a movie or heard someone saying ‘laugh in the face of adversity’. More often than not, we end up rolling our eyes or not listening at all. I mean, pfft, easy said than done right?

But how many of us have been brave enough to actually do it?

We grow up seeing everyone complaining, panicking and fussing about things big and small. Things that are not always even worth fussing about. Or things that we have no control over.

Lives after lives go by, complaining about things like money, Love, competition or illnesses. But if you are smart, soon enough you realize that the best would be to love what you do, give life your best shot and embrace the bane with the blessings. That is the beauty.

The truth is, and will always be the fact that adversities phase out with time. Either that, or we learn to make our peace with them and let things run their course. Because if we continue to dwell on lags and let-downs, or on a dream of a magical, problem-free world, then it is an illusion that would soon shatter.

Laughter isn’t only the best medicine, but also the best solution. Not only does it help in easing out the misery, but it always makes us stronger and better.

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Laughing or staying positive while facing a hardship isn’t always the easiest thing to do. To be able to laugh/smile at yourself doesn’t imply inability to solve problems or ignoring them, it just means you have more emotional endurance than others.

The question remains; how to laugh in the face of life when it is trying to push you to the ground?

“Laughing” can have a lot of meaning to it;

  • Adding some sense of humor in your daily life
  • Finding little reasons for happiness and gratification
  • Sharing the joy with others, while you share their sorrows and make them disappear.
  • Knowing that Happiness and laughter are transmissible.
  • Not over-thinking each and every dilemma, big or small. Learn to let go
  • Understanding that every experience, if not an endeavor, is a lesson well-learned.
  • Seeing the silver lining
  • Deeming the glass half-full
  • Trusting the path/process
  • Knowing that it (the hard time) will pass. Not hoping, knowing.

My grandmother was a content woman. Always smiling, with a very grateful attitude; not to mention strong and brave. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, the news came to all of us as a shock. But the woman didn’t even flinch. She said and I still remember “Oh, I’ll be alright!”. It was her positive attitude only that got her through the trauma in only two months. During her followup sessions, she would go to the hospital and tell the doctor “I am going to eat ice cream after this. I know it’s too cold but I’ll wait for it to melt first”. The doctor would only smile.

My grandmom was heal and hearty and she passed away long after that, smiling and cancer-free. She never discontinued eating ice cream by the way.

My goal is to bring a change in this world with the power of eloquence paired with real life stories for your inspiration and understanding. So that we could all learn from each other and make this world a better place. A place of smiles and laughter.

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