Misconceptions about coaching

There’s been a lot of fog in the air about the coaching profession.. People have all kinds of objections while hiring a coach. . . 

ANYONE can be a coach

No, anyone CANNOT be a coach. It doesn’t only take a disciplined person to be a coach, but it also takes an active, empathetic and reflective listening ear to be able to truly understand the client’s problem and help them. . 

Coaches do not require Training

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Coaches, just like any other profession go through a process of development and simulated coaching experience, not to mention heightening the senses.If you come across someone who claims to be a coach and isn’t trained, he’s less likely to help you as effectively as a trained one. . . 

Coaching is only for people who have problems, or are failing. 

Coaching is for everyone out there who wants to improve their performance, to be able to achieve an abundant and fulfilled life. Just like a battery charger, coaches help you in refueling your system to accelerate growth…

Coaches let you vent, then they provide suggestions. Coaches are suggestive and they’d fill you in with weird unrealistic theories of life, which would end up making you feel even more miserable. 


First of all, we don’t call it ‘venting’, we call it ‘opening up’. And it takes a patient, empathetic listener and an even bigger heart to get the client to open up. Secondly, under no circumstances are we mandated/supposed to provide suggestions  or embed any unnecessary or unrealistic expectations in the mind of the clients. Coaches deal with people’s lives, like their own, and take it very seriously. . 

Coaching is therapy

Coaching is a process for accelerating growth in all areas of life and emotional hindrances do limit the best of us which is why coaches also familiarize themselves with therapy practices to be able to provide maximum benefit. But coaching itself isn’t a therapeutic process hence, will not produce a therapeutic outcome. . . 

Coaches are cheerleaders

“coaches just reiterate the things you’ve already said, throw some smart jargon and motivational quotes at you, and then sit back and watch when the placebo effect kicks in and you start doing great things with your life. Then they charge you for it and chant HURRAY YOU DID IT. YOU’RE AWESOME I KNEW YOU HAD IT WITHIN YOU

Coaches invest in whatever they’ve got to help a stuck client back on their feet by proven techniques and don’t leave their side until the client has unleashed their full potential. The process is just as involving and demanding for the coach as it is for the client. . . 

Coaching is Spoonfeeding- they do all the work for you. 

WRONG! Coaching isn’t just talk, neither coaching guarantees a one size fits all blueprint for a successful life. The transformation comes from within. And it happens because the clients DECIDES TO TAKE ACTION. Coaches don’t do the work FOR you, they keep a check on the work you’ve been and get you to improve it, like strength trainers increase weights for muscle strength. . . 

Coaching is a quick fix. 

Go to a coach. Talk. Take quick action. Repeat. 

I wish coaching were this fast. It’s not. Because transformation takes time. A problem that you’ve been stuck in for years can’t magically disappear in DAYS. It’s like growing a muscle, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a few months for the transformation to show.Coaching isn’t a one time fix either. It’s good to hit your coach Atleast once a year even if everything is going great! Kinda like an annual dental checkup!. . 

Coaching provides solutions

There’s a thin line between readily providing solutions and empowering the client enough for them to be able to generate multiple solutions THEMSELVES. It’s about helping them overcome the mental blocks so they can see their path all the more clearly. 

Did this give you some perspective? Great! 🙂

See ya on the next one!

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