New year’s resolution

What are resolutions?

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Resolutions are limits we set or promises we make to ourselves that we plan on fulfilling in the coming year… Well, THAT sounds wrong.

I mean, is it just a matter of one year? Shouldn’t resolutions have a long term prolongation? Or no discontinuation at all?

Or is it that we have forgotten how resolutions work?

Let’s rethink..

Resolutions are and were meant to be something you want to begin doing for an extended period of time, and keep doing it until it become second nature.

The resolutions nowadays:

People nowadays take such hilarious seriously in the name of new years resolutions that it makes me wanna hug them and prepare a hot bath for them.. I hear things like..

  • I wanna lose weight
  • I wanna get better grades
  • I wanna get over my ex
  • I wanna earn more money
  • I wanna make more friends
  • I wanna expand my business
  • I wanna travel to x number of destinations
  • I wanna get better hair/skin
* indicates required

WHAT should resolutions ACTUALLY be like

People have mistaken resolutions for a way to make themselves feel better about something or a tool to get back at someone just so they could be more popular or secure in their skin. But do we really need this to secure about ourselves? Shouldn’t we have resolutions that have some ground to them?

Resolutions should sound like this:

I wanna:

  • Make people smile
  • Be more generous
  • Learn to love
  • be motivated and motivating
  • Earn, but for the common good
  • Challenge new limits
  • Face the truth
  • Change a shallow perception

On that note, I’d like to share my new year resolutions, but not just for 2019, rather for many years to come, until they become part of my system.

  • I wanna learn to be more and mire positive each day
  • I want to spread smiles
  • I want to focus on what and who really matters in my life
  • I want to leave behind toxic relationships
  • I want to take charge of my responsibilities as part of the society
  • I want to let go of my fears (that’s inclusive of reptiles JBTW)
  • I want to learn French. (it’s just a good feeling to be able to communicate with people in their local language)

These are all pretty big claims and some might think I am giving myself a lot of credit. But I guess there’s no harm in trying. I will get somewhere I am sure.

What are your resolutions? Please comment down below, I’d love to read them. ❤️

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