NLP Day 5: S/Wishing ‘The Desired’

NLP swish pattern and goal setting vision boarding dreams into reality

Let’s enjoy a little anecdote before starting what happened on Day 5 in the NLP program

A man brought his daughter to a gigantic painting that he had just bought.

It was a beautiful painting of a magnificent castle, built in aquamarine colored glass, skillfully cut and fitted together to perfection.

Leading to the castle was an inviting, placid garden. Its lush green grass, lilacs and lavenders, and the fruit merrily hanging in the trees amplified the castle’s splendor because the scenery reflected in the glistening, crystal-like piece of wonder. The random splash and ripple of colors made the castle look surreal.

In the middle of the garden, stood a gazebo. The pearl white wonder of wood bore flowers all around, with a domed top and a few artisan wooden chairs tastefully placed inside.

Inside the gazebo, sat a beautiful girl, dressed in a sunlight-yellow gown, her long and silky, golden locks of hair sat on her either shoulders gracefully. Her big, sapphire-blue eyes, lips like rose-petals and cheeks with a flush like the dusk of a beautiful autumn evening gave the painting a hauntingly beautiful feel of reality.

Ohh! I wish I had a pretty dress like that! I’d look like a princess and have a picture hung up on a wall.”

The little girl said.

Well, that sounds like quite an idea. On what occasion do you think you’d wear a dress like that? The girl was asked.

How about my birthday? All of my friends would come and we can call a photographer too! The little girl chirped.

A Wish and a Goal

We’ve established that the girl ‘wishes’ to be princess…

  • How? By owning a similar dress, if not totally identical, to that of the painted girl.
  • When? On her upcoming birthday.
  • What does she have to do? Buy the desired dress, doll up and get herself photographed.

There’s a wish, and there’s a goal.

Will that wish come true?

Yes No
– Its achievable (because it’s just a pretty dress after all)
– It’s a fantasy
– It’s just a painting- not real
– She should think straight
– She’s hallucinating
– She’s not as beautiful as the girl in the painting so she should bring her expectations down to a reasonable amount.
– She already has a lot of dresses
How? (Goal setting plan and/or possibilities)
– Buying a dress
– (possibly going to Disneyland and) getting herself photographed
– Thinking and feeling in herself that she has in fact ‘become’ a princess because she has bought (or is going to buy) that dress.

Since NLP doesn’t entertain negativity, let’s look at the possibility of that “wish” coming true.

All the little girl has to do to become a princess is to “think and feel” like a princess and to don a dress.

Against all odds and disregarding all the negativity and hindrances, she goes ahead and does whatever it takes to achieve that princess look (ultimate goal)

  • She looks at the painting every day, not a day passes by without it. (stacking the goal in her mind)
  • she begins thinking and feeling like a princess hence, begins behaving and dressing like one (believing the stacked image to be real in her mind)
  • she even begins searching for a dress that looks like the dress in the painting (working toward the goal)

-Instead of WISHING, she has been SWISHING.

-Instead of DREAMING, she has set a GOAL so strong that even her mortal and material surroundings seem adamant to help her achieve it.

Day 5 in the NLP program broadens our horizons of achievement by bestowing upon us the

“Stop wishing, start swishing” Theory.

It’s where you make a mental image and continually stack it on your conscious mind until it becomes part of your intrinsic nature and your unconscious mind. You end up achieving ‘ the desired‘ consciously or unconsciously, even if the odds have been against you.

So, congratulate yourself for turning your ‘WISH’ into an in fact achievable GOAL.

And what do you do when you have goals? You go out there and change the world. A world that’s YOURS.One step closer each day, one awesome little thing at a time,,,

Stay tuned for Day 6

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