NLP Day 6: Cutting Old Ties and Building New Bridges

On Day 6 in the NLP Program, we were a little dis-oriented, a little clueless, somewhat sleep-deprived and a little bittersweet.

Day 6 in the NLP Program wasn’t boring or awaited to end in any manner.

All personal development programs teach you to stand tall and move forward. they all say

The only way is Up.. and Ahead.

Today, we were commanded by out trainer, Arslan Larik, to go back in time and cut old ties.

Which ties? With whom? and why would anyone do that?

It’s anybody’s guess that he made us call our ex-lovers, bosses or another toxic relative and get final closure on a past event or memory that’s been haunting us uptil now.

Getting closure on a long lost toxic memory or giving someone a piece of your mind is really therapeutic. Isn’t it?

But Larik didn’t want therapy for us. Rather, He reached out his hand for us to experience abundance and fulfillment. Not by finding peace in discovering other people’s misery and opinion about us, but finding peace within ourselves

Detaching yourself from anything and anyone that has lingered on to you and deprived or deviated you from achieving true success and happiness. A negative thought, a negative emotion, a painful incident, a past toxic relationship, fear of failure, peer pressure, constant fear of rejection, trying really hard to impress, or a recurring regression are a few of the massive avalanche of overwhelming desolation, that induces internal doom.

No one ever got any happier by seeking admiration in people’s opinions. Abundance and fulfillment comes from within. It only takes a hearty seeker to discover it. Look for it, and wait for miracles to happen for you

What is abundance? What is fulfillment? How do I achieve it? These are the questions neither I, nor Larik will answer for you because it lies within you…

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