NLP Day 2: All I Need is Within ME… NOW

Day 2 in the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) program begins with a powerful incantation en-grained in our minds by our trainer and guru, Arslan Larik.

All I Need is within me NOW, I am Confident, I Can DO it, YES!!!

Arslan Larik says and I quote:

I start my day and a big session by reciting this incantation . That’s how powerful I think it really is.

He further says:

People often mix incantations with affirmations. Affirmations are positive self-talk, which may or may not be said out loud. They’re words that foster “positive THINKING”. Incantations are supposed to be said out loud. As absurd as it may sound, you wouldn’t believe it until you hear it coming out of your own mouth.

Say it like you MEAN it

Another life changing preach we get from our trainer, Larik.

Saying it but not believing your own words? Why would anyone do that to themselves?

So, here’s what NOT to do.

  • Saying it in a low pitch- almost inaudible
  • Saying it without a smile
  • Using sloppy motions like you’ve been forced to do the incantation
  • Pairing it with disbelief that it won’t work

Having that in perspective, we begin and end our day on this incantation.

This is just a small ritual out of many, many others which, when implemented concurrently, awaken unknown forces from within that we wouldn’t even discover otherwise.

The Ultimate effect of the Incantation

One would begin feeling that the incantation has awakened the dormant desires of transforming ourselves using our own strengths. That is when we come to a realization that good communication and building lasting relationships is what would lift us higher. No one achieves anything alone.

Let’s learn to call a Black color BLACK. Not Grey, Not Blue, BLACK.

The biggest reason for failed communications in today’s world, whether social, corporate or romantic, are ASSUMPTIONS.

Assumption is binding a perfectly normal statement with your own doubts and disbelief, and projecting it as the truth to yourself and to others.

On Day 2 in the NLP program, you shatter the blind glass cage of assumption that has encapsulated your thoughts and belief system for your entire life. Consequently, you end up loving yourself, loving others and you begin seeing nothing but good in self, society and life altogether.

Breaking the habit of assuming and programming our minds toward embracing the “it is what it is” attitude is the best learning out of not only NLP, but out of life.

NLP pushes you towards an assumption-free lifestyle because your life depends on it.

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