NLP Day 3: Evanescing into Trance

By Day 3 in the NLP program, it is dawned upon us that as much it is a personal development program, the transformation would radiate its way to people around us as well.

Today, we begin extracting the real essence of the NLP program.

NLP= Neuro Linguistic Programming isn’t just a fancy scientific axiom. Neither is it that difficult to understand.

I’m going to try and break it down with the knowledge I have (hoping my guru and peers don’t egg me for this).

  • Neuro(N) – The study of neurons (Brain cells) that enliven the five senses
    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Smell
    • Taste
    • Touch
  • Linguistic– The conscious and unconscious use of language, verbal and non-verbal communication paradigms.
  • Programming– The way our brain is wired (by ourselves and our surroundings) through learnings and experiences hence, influencing our thoughts and decisions.

Now, let’s pair them, two at a time..


The language pattern and communication techniques which, when fed to the neurons, induce certain actions, behavioral pattern and decisions.

Simply put, the distinctive language of the mind, such that only the ‘mind‘ understands.

While the Neurons (N) are mostly alike, the Linguistics(L) may vary or differ. There may be regional, circumstantial or simply subjective bounds to varying linguistics.

Linguistic Programming

Training the mind to respond to linguistics in a certain manner.

Neuro Programming

What we call “wiring the circuits of the brain the right way. The ability to explore, discover and harness the limitless ways we can put our five senses to use.

NLP Altogether

Learning to use the power of words (influential and empowering words) that push you closer and closer towards your desired goals and outcomes paired with maximized use of effective linguistics.

Day 3 in the NLP program is the day when our maestro and guru, Arslan Larik demonstrates how to use ‘Neuro‘, ‘Linguistics‘ and ‘Programming‘ all at once and use them at their best.

The fusion of N, L and P is no different that the blend of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

While we have all have Sugar (Neuro), Spice (Linguistics) and Everything Nice (Programming) as our innate determinants of good or bad performance as a human, we often find ourselves void of the key ingredient, Chemical X (self-discovery and empowerment) that is in fact essential for turning us into a Powerpuff girl (or boy).


Arslan Larik puts forth a powerful demonstration of concentrated NLP. Call it Trance if you will. He chose DAY 3 to be ‘The Day of Breakthrough‘ for all of us.

Larik usually enjoys his sessions being interactive and fun-filled, but this time, he particularly requested us to stay put, stay silent and put our phones aside.

Unsure whether it was his voice, his empowering words, or the way he addressed us all, there was something magical about that little pep talk Arslan Larik had with us.

We can still hear him talking to us during that session. It felt as though our souls left us and went to a world where there is ultimate fulfillment. We all felt like imposters in our own bodies; imposter that now knows, belongs somewhere bigger and better.

It’s strange that we don’t remember a single word now that it’s over, yet each word seemed to penetrate deep into our system and talk back like they’ve always been part of us…

He made us all believe in ourselves for the first time, and the fact that we could go get anything we want. The only thing that’s stopping us is US only. So, he went ahead and unleashed the go-getter within us that probably desperately NEEDED this little push.

Some of us felt light and airy, hearty and happy, while others felt sleepy and even subconscious. Some of us felt nauseous and at the verge of crying.

Some of us craved a cookie, some of us forgot to wear shoes while going on a caffeine break.

Either way, Arslan Larik’s trance-oriented, transformational monologue had everyone lost in a reverie, where everything was pleasant and perfect.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I said we’re pretty much LIVING that reverie now.

You could only imagine what would happen in next 3 days…

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