NLP Day 4: Delving into the Eye

Day 4 in the NLP program isn’t anywhere near predictable- we could only guess…

Enter the eye pattern!

Our hypnosis-whiz, Arslan Larik, takes the NLP learnings a notch higher today. He is a journey-man, who speaks about his life-long discoveries pertaining to the eye-patterns- what they mostly mean, and how huge a difference mastering the eye pattern can make in carrying out personal and professional communication.

Eye quotes

Simply put, he familiarizes the trainees to the infamous “Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies” concept and teaches us how to ace it.

Whenever we look into someone’s eye, we’re searching for deeper meaning in the words they’ve spoken.

The eye pattern mastery aids in ‘realizing’ the ‘real lies’ in the ‘real eyes’.

Your eyes are Windows to the soul. Eye quotes

If the eyes are in fact window to the soul, then the eye-pattern are the binoculars you may use to peek through that window.

What do binoculars really do?

  • Brings the subject closer to your eye, so it’s in proximity of your vision.
  • Allows you to focus on the focus on the subject in question, blocking/blurring out the rest.
  • Provides a clearer perception and perspective.

The eye pattern aptly conforms to the binocular mechanism.

The eye pattern allows you a clearer insight into the mind and words that you’ve just heard- you analyze and distinguish the lies from the truth.

You become better at connecting the dots of any story that’s being put to the table. How the speaker is responding to each of your counter-question, how they think/pause before answering and how they behave in general becomes a lot less complicated to decipher.

You would also be able to figure out whether or not a certain thing you say to a person is taken well, without offending or upsetting them.

Studying the eye pattern allows you to get to know people better, get work done better and love better.

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