Positive Self- talk for self discovery

Raise your hand if you talk to yourself standing in front of your bathroom mirror…

If you do, you would know that it helps a great deal in getting back the confidence on a nervous interview day or urges you to make yourself decent when you’re sick in bed for two days.

You’re convinced that it works, right?

Now, what if your self talk could be positive and empowering?? Imagine the great things it could get you to do…

Positive self talk is the beginning of the journey of self discovery..


The answer to the lies within you. Because my answer may be different than yours…

Let’s be honest…
The journey to the other side isn’t fun or easy..
Its painful
It’s exhausting
It’s agitating.
It’s agonizing

Positive self talk may be the ULTIMATE discovery for some. For others, it maybe the first pedestal towards greater things…
You may discover yourself today..
you may take some time


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