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Spirituality… What Does It Mean to You?

What if I told you I pray to God every day, I meditate every morning and think about His blessings hence, I am very spiritual?

Does that really make me spiritual?

Does that even make me superior than others?

No.  That just makes me religious.

Spirituality is often considered a very intense term and even mistaken with being religious.

Spirituality, in fact, is a practice and a power, above and beyond religion. Nor is it in any way, affiliated with religion. It is when the heart develops enough “heart” to feel for others.

God has blessed every human with the instinct of empathy, it is up to you to awaken it and let it shine from within. The love and consciousness in your heart urges you to feel and do good to others. When that happens, your connection with God becomes as strong as it can get.

The human-human dynamics were meant to be a lot more non-violent and selfless than what we see and experience around. God never intended humanity to be selfish or resentful. Instead, the entire mechanism of the universe is designed in a way that each phenomenon/ organism is somehow interconnected with the other. For example, the trees grow and bear fruit on to themselves but the trees don’t benefit from it, other living organisms do. That is what the trees are actually meant to do. That is how the cycle of nature is completed. But once they are cut down, that sequence is disrupted and their purpose of existence is defeated.

Similarly, humans are meant to develop a sense of collective humanity, i.e., to do whatever their hearts may desire but, for the common good. In other words, developing good conscience and compassion. Having a good conscience is when the inner beauty intensifies and lets you shine from within. That is when spirituality joins us at the root and allows us to rise above humanity.

Spirituality is often revised as the “law of attraction” or “Karma”, according to which, you get what you give, or a glorified version of Tit for Tat. Whatever the terms may be, the meaning remains the same nonetheless. If you contribute good in the universe, then the universe is 10 times gracious than we think; the forces in the universe/law/karma would take that one good deed, cumulate it and give back maximized happiness in the form of rewards.

*if it is a bad deed, then the universe is pretty badass. What we would get in return is evil multiplied by 50. The universe, Does. Not. Forgive.

The rewards from the universe may last a life-time, but the feeling of contentment is the quickest of them all, and the best. Why? Because it encourages us to be more selfless.

Being selfless or helping is often mistaken for losing something; time, money, skill or service. The fact is, nothing was ever lost in the name of helping or being selfless. Instead, whatever goes around, comes around someday.

On this note, I would like to share a recent, real-life story.

Muslims sacrifice animals in the name of God every year on the religious occasion of EID. The meat coming from those animals is meant to be distributed among the needy.

A certain gentleman from my family, a 45 years old man with a wife and two kids has been living a normal life for years. Or that’s how we saw it. For years, that man would sacrifice his animal and not save anything for his own household. Instead, he would take it away with him somewhere. Upon questioning, we found out that he divides the good meat into 40 shares and distributes them among 40 households, the residents of which are very poor. They await this day and this man the whole year so that they could enjoy meat.

A few months ago, the man’s son was gunshot somewhere in the city by muggers who came to steal his motorbike. The Kid was eventually taken to the hospital and his life was saved. Upon a visit to the hospital, we found out that the savior turned out to be one of the men out of those 40 households. If it weren’t for him, the boy would have died on the road without anyone knowing.

People don’t make this world a bad place to live. Our own deeds do. Because Good things happen to good people.

Spiritual Quotes in the books

Spirituality is raved about in all the good books ever penned or revealed. Because the sense of spirituality and good conscience is long-forgotten and people need to be consistently reminded about it.

No one who does good work will come to a bad end- Bhagwad Gita

When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart. that is spirituality- Bhagwad Gita

But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He Himself is kind to ungrateful and evil men.- Luke 6:35

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. –  Philippians 2:4 

Indeed, Allah is with those who are righteous and those who do good.  (Al Quran 16:129)

It doesn’t take a motivational blog post or the greed of a reward for a person to do a good deed. People with compassion & good conscience do it anyway, even if their own lives are not okay; because, for them, it works like a cure, it’s addictive.

If people benefit from you in anyway, the purpose of your existence is served.

That is when you achieve true spirituality.

I am a human and I am greedy because I will always complain about my problems; that’s human nature. Nonetheless, I have always wanted to spread smiles everywhere I go, in hopes of making someone else’s day a little better…

In hopes of balancing the evil with the good…

In hopes of becoming a spiritual…

Do you call yourself spiritual?


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