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NLP Day 6: Cutting Old Ties and Building New Bridges

Today, we were commanded by out trainer, to go back in time and cut old ties. Which ties? With whom? and why would anyone do that?

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I’m the Norm-Breaking Gold Medalist

Our NLP Transformer #02 is a hearty soul that doesn’t only find joy in seeing others succeed, but has made empowerment her passion and profession.

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NLP swish pattern and goal setting vision boarding dreams into reality

NLP Day 5: S/Wishing ‘The Desired’

Find out how a girl turned into a princess for real, and how you can turn YOUR dream into reality too!

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NLP Day 4: Delving into the Eye

Day 4 in the NLP program isn’t anywhere near predictable- we could only guess… Enter the eye pattern! Our hypnosis-whiz, Arslan Larik, takes the NLP learnings a notch higher today. He is a journey-man, who speaks about his life-long discoveries pertaining to the eye-patterns- what they mostly mean, and how huge a difference mastering the […]

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NLP Day 3: Evanescing into Trance

By Day 3 in the NLP program, it is dawned upon us that as much it is a personal development program, the transformation would radiate its way to people around us as well. Today, we begin extracting the real essence of the NLP program. NLP= Neuro Linguistic Programming isn’t just a fancy scientific axiom. Neither […]

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NLP Day 2: All I Need is Within ME… NOW

Biggest Life lesson taught in the NLP? Find out what it is

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I was Sexually Abused at 8- NLP Transformer #01

One of our NLP Transformers shared their story of sexual abuse and how she turned her life around. Read and share your thoughts!

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NLP Day 1: Begins the Jouney of Transformation

So its Day 1 in the NLP program, what’s even happening? Read Up!

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