who says you cant you do daniel chidiac

Book Review: Who says You Can’t? You Do – Daniel Chidiac

They say “a real jewel would aways be valuable to its keeper.” This book is no less than a jewel in my small but, tasteful collection of books. I finally finished the book!!! I’d been at it for about 6 months and I’m glad I’m through cover to cover. The author is an Australian who […]

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A Day with Parindey- Those who Fly without Fear

With the motto of “Feel, Follow, Fly”, Parindey is a high-spirited initiative that literally means birds that fly freely I’ve had the privilege to meet the founder of Parindey, Sonal Dhanani in a training program where she had introduced herself as an art therapist an activist who works for mental health awareness and mindfulness. Read […]

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NLP swish pattern and goal setting vision boarding dreams into reality

NLP Day 5: S/Wishing ‘The Desired’

Find out how a girl turned into a princess for real, and how you can turn YOUR dream into reality too!

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NLP Day 4: Delving into the Eye

Day 4 in the NLP program isn’t anywhere near predictable- we could only guess… Enter the eye pattern! Our hypnosis-whiz, Arslan Larik, takes the NLP learnings a notch higher today. He is a journey-man, who speaks about his life-long discoveries pertaining to the eye-patterns- what they mostly mean, and how huge a difference mastering the […]

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NLP Day 3: Evanescing into Trance

By Day 3 in the NLP program, it is dawned upon us that as much it is a personal development program, the transformation would radiate its way to people around us as well. Today, we begin extracting the real essence of the NLP program. NLP= Neuro Linguistic Programming isn’t just a fancy scientific axiom. Neither […]

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NLP Day 2: All I Need is Within ME… NOW

Biggest Life lesson taught in the NLP? Find out what it is

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I was Sexually Abused at 8- NLP Transformer #01

One of our NLP Transformers shared their story of sexual abuse and how she turned her life around. Read and share your thoughts!

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NLP: Anticipating ‘The Desired’

Your ‘warm up’ for the six day journey of transformation that lies ahead of you

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