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A Day with Parindey- Those who Fly without Fear

With the motto of “Feel, Follow, Fly”, Parindey is a high-spirited initiative that literally means birds that fly freely I’ve had the privilege to meet the founder of Parindey, Sonal Dhanani in a training program where she had introduced herself as an art therapist an activist who works for mental health awareness and mindfulness. Read […]

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NLP Day 6: Cutting Old Ties and Building New Bridges

Today, we were commanded by out trainer, to go back in time and cut old ties. Which ties? With whom? and why would anyone do that?

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NLP Day 1: Begins the Jouney of Transformation

So its Day 1 in the NLP program, what’s even happening? Read Up!

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NLP: Anticipating ‘The Desired’

Your ‘warm up’ for the six day journey of transformation that lies ahead of you

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