HIMYM Quotes: #03

When you believe in people, people come through. -Ted Mosby

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Finding your niche in the world by Faith Gatimi

Just as I was cleaning my book closet today, I went through this magazine I bought from Kenya. One thing led to another and I discovered this great read that I thought I should share with you people.!

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New year’s resolution

Resolutions are limits we set or promises we make to ourselves that we plan on fulfilling in the coming year… Well, THAT sounds wrong…

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Happy 2019

Holiday novelties are an all time high. We buy all that we lay our hands on, and then make a silent vow to ourselves that this won’t happen next year, only to find ourselves get sucked up into sales and blowouts the following year just as much.

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spirituality, god, karma

Spirituality- The other dimension to connecting with God

Do you believe in spirituality? Ever wonder how does this world even work?

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bliss, inspiration, spiritual, smile

Where I find my bliss

Problems over-shadow the moments of true bliss. Life is beautiful. And problems are a part of life. The question is, Where to find bliss when life is rough?

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heart, heart touching, touching your heart, kindness, life, happy, joy

When Someone Touches Your Heart

Some moments are just unforgettable in our lives. All those moments happen to be heart-touching in one way or the other. We all have some stories about that strange someone who touched our heart once.

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long distance relationships

Does Distance Matter?

It so happens that we end up asking ourselves, One of the greatest questions of life. Does Distance Matter? The answer lies within you. What is it? Read.

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