Top 6 life lessons from 2020

5 life lessons 2020 taught me

2020 was by far the biggest PLOT TWIST we have yet seen.

Most times in life you will only grow when you have no other choices.

You will only make change when it’s the only way out.

And that was 2020 ladies and gentlemen.

But know that we know, we must do BETTER.

If you’ve been following me you will have heard me talk about the getting up and ACTING a lot.

Well, guess what?

There are still people sitting around, just hoping and praying or things to return to ‘normal’,

What if this IS normal? For a while at least.

I want to be able to share with you my top 6 takeaways from 2020… so that you can get ahead in the game.

Adapt and Pivot

If you’re still hoping and waiting for things to go back to the way they were… it’s likely that you have not made any changes. This thing is here to stay. Even if it were to go away, it will be a while from where we are right now. 

Don’t do your best, Do WHATEVER IT TAKES

The motivation and productivity did take a sweet dip in 2020. Most of us would do a thing or two and get back to being lazy because well, the lockdown had turned us into cozy sheep. But real cozy sheep don’t have to worry about income or well-being or future; we do.

I heard clients say “but it did my best in the circumstances you know”.

My answer/counter question: “did you do whatever it takes?”

No you didn’t. Hence minimal to no results.

Choose between breaking down and shaping up!

How yu respond to crisis is key. Do you get overwhelmed and freak out or you see a crisis as an opportunity to grow? Do you decide to break down or gather up the pieces and shape up. Remember, things go wrong to make way for the better and the best.

Attack, don’t retreat

No one ever got anywhere by just sitting and watching others get their way. If there’s anything 2020 taught us like no other, is to get back up and ATTACK. When one thing doesn’t work, try another. When one plan backfires, try another. Whatever you do, don’t accept defeat and sit down. Or you get sucked up in the quagmire of self-pity and failure.

Hit pause… Whenever you have to

Oh! The one good thing 2020 gave us. An opportunity to pause, relax, reflect. Tap into new opportunities, explore new possibilities and plan better lives. Atleast the ones who saw it that way are far better off in 2021.

Stop taking everything so seriously. It won’t last.


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