Are we Okay? Rethinking old times…

This Eid, The dress I’m wearing is about 10 years old.

*Hoots for me that i still fit in it*. This dress is worth less than a large pizza. Apparently, back then capitalism didn’t rise to brutal heights and people could enjoy the simplest luxuries.

I chose to wear this out of all because a part of me wants to go back into old times, stay in that moment and ponder over what we had, what we’ve lived through and what we’ve lost.

-Back then there weren’t any smart phones, but we were okay

-Social media wasn’t a rat race, but we were okay…

Life wasn’t bullet fast in old times,… But we were okay

Keeping in touch wasn’t as easy as a click…. But we were okay

We couldn’t order stuff online… Buy we were okay

We had small or no businesses... But we were okay.

We didn’t break up all that much… But we were okay.

Okay with the little buttoned phones..
Okay with it not being so smart because we were smart enough to use our time smartly.

Okay with sharing memories on social media, having fun and keeping it simple. Not caring about backlash or turning judge and criticizing someone. Because we had more human bits and pieces than digital. We were still in flesh hone and heart, far from being robotic.

We were okay with a normal paced life because we weren’t chasing the unconscious greed for glory. We weren’t busy quenching a thirst we know can’t be quenched. We were happy because we held other things dear than just wealth. We gave time to what really mattered.

We were okay with the excitement and happiness that came with meeting once in a blue moon. We were okay with traveling across continents to see friends and family, we were okay with receiving hugs and kisses. Now we’re “seemingly okay” with receiving emojis.

We were okay with spending wisely and picking up the best out of the rest. We were okay with walk-ins and trials. We were okay with not having to wait for days at a time for one little thing that’s already been paid for.

We were okay because we weren’t divided. Independence and self worth wasn’t measured on the scale of career and net worth. We wanted to thrive, but not at the cost of sleepless nights and mental peace. Now we seem to be okay with not caring about anything else but money.

-We were okay because love was all that mattered. We wouldn’t be overly critical or materialistic about the one we claimed to love. We knew how to stick together through the thick and thin. Now we seem to be okay with living alone for life, but not finding love.

I’m taking a moment to think, were we okay back in old times, or we’re okay now?…

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