When Someone Touches Your Heart

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Life is fast. Life is busy. The sun rises and sets like it always does. But we do not know what each day might bring.

Each day brings some additional goodness into this world. Some new births, some new blessings, some new smiles, some new experiences, some new friends.

We experience all these things while we are living our lives. And life keeps passing. Things keep changing even if we don’t want them to. What does not change is the impact that it leaves behind. And the impacts are powerful enough to change the way we look at life.

A baby’s touch, a teachers lecture, a heart-break, a sudden death, a memorable trip, a beautiful wedding, a person with a disability, a success story, an inspirational advertisement, a favorite celebrity, a new acquaintance, a sudden illness, a song; all these thing are simple yet powerful enough to get you to thinking what your life is like and how you want it to be.

Out of all these things, the occurrence that has the ability to bring a change in your life in the most powerful way imaginable is people. Good or bad, people possess the ability to leave lasting impressions on your life and your heart altogether. Those impressions can either bring a change in your life positive enough to make you a person people look up to, or ruin it in a way that it does not seem fixable anymore.

It does not necessarily take for people to have to be a part of the family or a close relation to you to effect your life. Those people do, obviously. But other than that, it can be anyone. And it can be one small gesture that ends up touching your heart. Nobody has to donate you their kidney for you to like them.

Having come across someone offering you a seat on the train, someone with the same interests and beliefs, an interesting companion on a long flight, a kind shopkeeper, someone saying you have a beautiful smile, a street-musician, an old couple crossing the road, a tourist, a stranger saying they are supportive of what you do, a beautiful baby smiling at you, a graceful woman, someone who holds the door for you, someone who wishes you a good day at work, someone offering you help with something you are afraid to do, a stranger that tells you a joke and makes you laugh, someone with a good handshake, someone who is crying, a long-distance pen pal.

Somehow, people like these end up taking up a place in our heart. We never seem to forget them. we end up talking about them when we meet our friends and family, wondering how someone could be so generous to a complete stranger like yourself? And how you could have been a lot nicer in the past and you somehow were not.

THIS is when you know someone just touched your heart.

So what DOES happen when someone touches your heart?

It gets you to think about your potential and as a human being, this feeling pushes you forward to do good to people. It makes you want to sort your priorities in life and makes you believe that there are loads of beautiful people no matter how twisted the world gets. In a way, it restores your faith in humanity.

It is an emotion that encourages you to be a better person in life. It triggers you to be nicer and be someone who contributes to the world by good means.

You realize that race, religion, nationality or anything else that sets you apart, is just a worldly matter. In reality, we are all one. We have the same heart. Our happiness lies in the same things.

It also proves that it does not take much; just some kind words, a hug, a warm smile.

And believe it or not, it affects EVERYONE. A good person or bad, young or old, emotional or rational, sensitive or nonchalant. EVERYONE.

So whose heart have you touched?

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