Who am I?

It’s important to think about

Who am I?

As a person…

As a child…

As a sibling..

As a parent…

As family

As a contributing member of the society

As part of the world..

It’s important for you to reflect upon the question and find the answer to it.

Because if and when you do, you own up to the answer you give to yourself. You take full responsibility and act upon that answer.

Not to prove a point…

Rather because you know your answer will feel much more satisfying and fulfilling when it’s become a reality.

Make sure it’s a positive one!

If it’s not, MAKE it positive!

For example, if you find yourself saying

“I’m a terrible parent”

Then don’t let your answer end right there…

Let it go on…

You could say

“I’m a terrible parent,

BUT.. Starting today, I’ll be there for my child and become their role model like every other good parent”❤️

If you don’t find the answer, go deeper and keep searching. The answer lies within you.

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