Who knew

This time the festivals are different
Be it Easter , Savitri Puja or Eid.
Who knew..

-Who knew the distance would bring hearts closer…
hearts of the ones we love, and the ones we don’t love so much…

-Who knew, our friends would be far away and be home with us at the same time…

-Who knew, we wouldnt be able to see our friends.
But make new ones and spread the love and smiles…

-Who knew the little trivial messages we write,
asking how’re you or what’s happening,
would hold so much meaning…

-Who knew we would love cooking big meals over easy ones..
and take long showers over quick ones

-Who knew changing into a fresh set of pyjamas brought so much joy..
And putting on a clay mask was so refreshing
Who knew the food that excites us is the home cooked meal..

-Who knew reminiscing was so soothing
We’ve dug up old stamps, polaroids and currency notes. we’re counting the years we’ve spent in collecting them. And suddenly, we realize we dont care so much about what’s happening on the virtual world. We don’t care so much about what’s happening on the virtual world. We dont care so much about the likes and followers.

-Who knew all this time indoors, all this break from work…
would give us time to sleep peacefully and heal from within..

-Who knew looking at the empty streets
would make us look within…
look at the dies out passion,
the once loud laughter,
the unfulfilled dreams and
the desires we killed because we have work to do and families to feed.

-Who knew te silence of the outside world
would give us time to silence our inner demons..

-Who knew having to stay indoors would open our eyes to what actually matters
it’s only so much we want and hoard,
but not even close to what we truly need.
For what we need, is already with us during this time…
if only we knew…

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